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mobility simulation platform 

Sept  /   25   /   2022

We’re showcasing our mobility simulation platform inside a 3D city environment, at the Tekniska Museum at Stockholm.

We're simulating Toyota e-Palettes to move around in the city and interact with pedestrians, cars, etc. to analyze their behavior and patterns, and make it ready for the real world. 

All this while people at the museum play this "game" and immerse into a futuristic city.

Next gen mobility

July  /   16   /   2022

Our city environment engine reflects how a city works.

It uses systems like AI traffic and pedestrians, physics simulation, rule-based event triggers, with reinforced learning to train AI algorithms for optimizing the mobility simulation.
We simulate paths and behaviour of autonomous & rule-based mobility vehicles to forecast their effects in the city traffic ecosystem and how their deployment could be improved.

Street to car 

June  /   08   /   2022

We're rethinking the safety of unprotected road users which has long been forgotten about.

Our system allows a seamless end-to-end collaboration with car manufacturers to enable vehicles receive a real-time spatial map of their surrounding geolocation with intelligence filters.

Zero city twin

March  /   09   /   2022

A real-time digital twin platform built using Unreal Engine 5. 


Used as a simulation platform to get the city to zero carbon emission

Zero City exhibition

February /   01   /   2022

Participating to demonstrate our real-time people tracking into a digital avatar in the Zero City exhibition which is focused toward planning the transportation of people and goods in the fossil-free city of tomorrow, in order to achieve climate goals.

Read More at Tekniska Museet.

Tampere Pilot project

January  /   10   /   2022

Collaboration with the SURE! Project in Tampere, Finland to deploy digital avatars by tracking people in the city with an existing citywide camera system.

Invited to showcase our tech at Dubai Expo 2020

Read more about the SURE! project


December   /  10   /   2021

Collaboration to get an open, decentralized digital twin platform by inviting all companies in the city to take part by deploying their tech on the platform for visualization and making decisions.

November   /   09  /   2021

Dashboard development with geotagging and heatmaps for Umeå city energy company.

October   /   23   /   2021

From the city officials perspective, it is essential to understand how the different objects in the street relate to each other.

September  /   25  /   2021

General Data Protection Regulation GDPR compliance requires companies to clearly define their data privacy policies and going through a Data Inspection. Ucity was approved by GDPR for using privacy filter.

August  /   12   /   2021

We decide to take matters in our own hands and travel to different areas of the world to investigate how different cities work and explore perspectives of how people wanna live in the future.

Cities are the most complex systems on the planet run by humans. It is imperative to get multiple perspectives into account and make decisions accordingly

allas network

July  /   09   /   2021

Allas Network is a subsidiary to Ucity. It focuses on the technical aspects of planning cities, by deploying smart IoT devices with sensors to track relevant data from a city.


This collection of data is interfaced in real-time using smart dashboards and also updated in a digital version of the city for visualization and making decisions.

sensors in a smart city

June  /   04   /   2021

Smart city is infeasible without the deployment of sensors. The sensors, like street cameras, environmental, GPS, microphone, etc., when used in conjunction with neural networks, can be used to develop and analyze data from speech recognition, video, image, and natural language processing.

The analyzed data is used to make important decisions and monitor environments to guarantee citizens of security

what is a smart city?

May  /   08   /   2021

IoT, and cloud computing has become central to the implementation of Smart Cities with a required connectivity between the sensor nodes.

A Smart City refers to the proper use of resources through the application of real-time technologies that automate some tasks. Sensor technologies are essential for cities as they present an operational and feasible environment.

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